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One Man’s Trash Is A Doggy Daycare’s Treasure

You might not know this, but dogs can, often unintentionally, be a bit destructive and slightly messy. This is why we are always in need of new linens, towels, and blankets. We will also happily accept any outdoor furniture you may be trying to part with – from chairs and lounges to kid’s climbing toys. Additionally, we can accept any type of leather furniture – mainly because it’s not as porous as cloth. And it goes without saying that we are always in need of plastic bags in all shapes and sizes. Don’t feel like hauling your stuff to us? Not to worry – we’re happy to pick everything up from you! Provided your used items will fit in a Rav-4 or a short bus (photo below), we will be happy to save you a trip. We want to make it as easy as possible for you to un-clutter your home and gift us your “hand-me-downs”. So please, next time you’re thinking of tossing that old leather sofa with rips up and down the sides, think of us! As I like to say, “your trash is our doggy daycare’s ‘treasure’!”



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