Play Areas and How We Separate Dogs in Our Pack

A question I’m often asked, especially by owners of smaller dogs, is ‘do you separate dogs based on size?’.  The short answer is: yes.  We separate dogs based on a number of factors, size being one of them.  We also separate by temperament, age, play-style, and “proclivity” – by “proclivity” I mean that some dogs naturally gravitate towards certain members of their pack and away from others.  I liken it to children at school, or adults at a dinner party – we’re drawn and attracted to certain members of our species, sometimes for reasons that are obvious and other times almost energetically and inexplicably.

Based on these factors, we will separate dogs as needed in one of five separate “play pens”.  The inside of our daycare has one large play-area as well as a smaller play area for little dogs.   We also have a 2000 square foot outdoor play space that is sectioned off into two separate play areas that are around 1,000 square feet each.  Both play pens are covered by pea pebbles which are replaced annually and disinfected, weather permitting, daily.

If you are the owner of a small dog and you prefer that your dog solely interact with dogs his/her size or smaller, we are happy to accommodate such a request.  For any other questions about our play spaces, separation practices, or to schedule a tour, please email Nancy:  And for photos of our play spaces, please see below. 

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