Winter Weather Policies for Our Daycare Clients

Dear Clients,

Please be aware that our parking lot, despite being plowed and salted, gets very icy during the winter months. When dropping off your dog, please be careful so as to avoid slipping. Alternatively, you may contact us and a staff member will come out as soon as we are able to retrieve your dog from you.

For our clients requiring pickups, please insure that there is a clear pathway, free of snow, to your door for our driver (or monitor). If your walkway tends to get icy, a coating of salt or sand won’t go unnoticed and will be greatly appreciated!

In the event of severe weather or excess snow, we may close the daycare or enact a late start. If this is the case, notification via email will be sent out. Snow closings are also posted on all of our social media sites (so be sure to follow us).

Thanks and regards,

Nancy, President and “Pack Leader”

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