Dog Daycare

“Play Care” Doggie Day Care in Beverly, MA

At our doggie daycare in Beverly, MA, we have 2,000 square feet of clean, indoor space with three separate play areas plus a 2,500 square-foot fenced yard for outdoor play and bathroom breaks!

NEW! Scroll down to learn more about Daycare 2.0 and our enrichment activities!

group of dogs playing at dingos dogsitting in beverly ma

Doggie Day Care Rates

Single Dog

$40 for a full day

$30 for a half day (5 hours or less)

$22 for a “quickie” (2 hours or less)

Two Dogs (same household)

Full Day: $32/dog per day

Half Day: $24/dog per day

Half Day Package Deals

(2 to 5 hours)

5 Pack: $145

10 Pack: $280

20 Pack: $540

Full Day Package Deals

(5 plus hours)

5 Pack: $195

10 Pack: $380

20 Pack: $740

*Note that packages must be prepaid in order to be eligible for the bulk discount.  Attendance days acquired before a pack is purchased will be billed out at the regular rate.

**Packages are good for six months.  Remaining passes not used within six months will be forfeited.

***Package Terms and Conditions can be found here.

We are introducing Dingo’s Daycare 2.0!

learn more below

Transportation Rates in Beverly, Beverly Farms, Salem, Marblehead, Swampscott, Lynn, Hamilton, & Wenham

$14 one way, $24 round trip for one dog

$9/dog ($18 total) one way, $13.50/dog ($27 total) round trip for two dogs

20 Pack of Round Trip, Discounted Transportation: $370 (or $18.50 per round trip ride).

*Weekend and holiday transportation rates for the dogs that board with us will vary based on location. Please inquire ahead of time for transportation rates when boarding.

**Please see here for additional and important information about our transportation services.

For transportation rates outside the areas listed above please contact us at:

Ashley with dogs on leashes by purple dingos dogsitting bus

Please Note:

Our Transportation Liability Waiver must be signed before transportation services can be provided.

Introducing Daycare 2.0!

The epitome of dog care, where a small group of dogs are paired with a specially trained staff member. Your dog’s daycare experience will be more enhanced with individualized attention and enrichment activities, involving toys that may be a safety liability in a larger pack environment.

This is an excellent opportunity for socially anxious dogs that would benefit from a smaller group environment. This is also a great setting for dogs enrolled in training with our on-site trainer to be in a more controlled setting.

Sounds great! When can my dog start?

Dingo’s Daycare 2.0 is being launched on select weekends with further weekday availability to come.

How to Book Daycare 2.0

You can book a spot in any of our available Daycare 2.0 weekend play groups directly from your Pet Exec portal (look for “Daycare 2.0” in your daycare drop-down menu).

Just make sure you select a drop off time after 9 AM and before 12 PM. If you get an occupancy limit reached error when attempting to book, please email us and we will put you on a waiting list.

What are Enrichment Activities?

Enrichment activities help to fulfill dogs’ innate for human interaction and mental stimulation. These activities help your dog’s well being by:

  • Reducing anxiety and stress by focusing on skill acquisition
  • Challenging their cognitive abilities (thinking, learning and remembering)
  • Encouraging dogs to use all their senses especially their impressive ones
  • Decreasing unwanted behaviors, like excessive barking
  • Strengthening the bond between handler and dog
  • Simply being fun!

Enrichment Activities Add-Ons

Besides the social interaction that our regular daycare provides, you can now book these activities separately for your dog via our PetExec portal.

Foraging puzzles: These give your dog some great mental stimulation along with a reward for finding the treat!

Lick mats/kongs: The act of licking releases endorphins and also stimulates saliva production, which helps freshen breath and reduce plaque.

Dog walking: We’ll get your dog moving and exercising which is great for their overall well-being.

Paws & Crafts: Engaging art activities to put on your fridge!

1-on-1 toy time/fetch: Great exercise and mental enrichment that helps build your dog’s coordination.

Professional dog training with one of our certified trainers: This is a great way to get some “spot-learning” for areas where your dog might need a little extra help.