Dog Training

Train with Julia!

Julia and luna

1 Hour Training Session with our General Manager,  Julia: $60

Julia has been working at Dingo’s since February of 2017 and has worked every position here from daycare attendant to dog walker to bus driver!  She has been our General Manager since August of 2021 and, since graduating from Catch Canine Academy in June of 2022, she is now our in-house trainer and behavioral advisor!   

Train with Chelsey!

chelsey and gizmo

1 Hour Training Session with our part-time staff member/consultant, Chelsey: $95

Chelsey began working at Dingo’s in 2015 as a daycare attendant.  She left in 2017 for a training apprenticeship and went on to receive her AKC training certification not long after.  Now back at Dingo’s with a “OG” title, she assists both our dogs and our staff in reinforcement training and pack management skills.  She is also available for home visits for clients who need a little extra socialization training at home.

Both of these services can be booked directly from Pet Exec