Meet the Owners

Nancy DeFazio Beaurpere

Referred to playfully as the “Dog Girl” in Elementary School due to the fact that her family’s Golden Retriever and Beagle-mix were never far from her side, Nancy has been working professionally with dogs since 2005. After walking dogs and boarding them out of her homes, first in Charlestown and then in Swampscott, in 2013 she opened a commercial location in Beverly, Massachusetts, now home to Dingo’s Dogsitting & Doggy Daycare.

As a fervent lover of dogs, Nancy is constantly looking to educate herself on dog care and behavior. In addition to being certified in Dog and Cat First Aid/CPR, she has worked among an animal acupuncturist, a canine chiropractor, a veterinarian, a dog massage therapist, a veterinary physical therapist, professional dog trainers, animal behaviorists, and breeders. She has attended seminars by Cesar Milan (the “Dog Whisperer”), Sue Sternberg (creator of the “Assess A Pet” and “Train to Adopt” programs) , Dr. Ronald D. Schultz (the foremost expert on companion animal vaccinations in the United States), and Dr. Raymond Coppinger (Professor Emeritus of Biology at Hamilton College and author of “DOGS: A Startling New Understanding of Canine Origin, Behavior and Evolution”).

Dingo DeFazio Beaurpere

Sadly, Dingo left this mortal coil on March 17th, 2023, at 16 years of age. She was, in few words, a good dog.  

Dingo’s Dogsitting was founded for and because of Dingo. Before Nancy had human children, Dingo was the sole light of her life and she delighted in nothing more than her happiness.  Dingo’s Dogsitting became a vehicle for Dingo’s joy.  It evolved into much more, but it had its early seeds in Dingo’s health and happiness.  Nancy will forever be grateful for the path Dingo led her down. 

Blessed with a preternaturally sweet nature, and an unwavering belief that she was more human than dog, “the rainbow bridge” has gained a special soul.  Dingo will surely be missed by all who had the pleasure of knowing her.