Meet the Staff

Meet Our Staff of Professional Dog Sitters in Beverly, MA

Julia B.

Julia has been working at Dingo’s since February of 2017 and has worked every position here from daycare attendant to dog walker to bus driver!  She has been our General Manager since August of 2021 and, since graduating from Catch Canine Academy in June of 2022, she is now our in-house trainer and behavioral advisor!   



Becca J.

Becca, a life-long Beverly Panther, has been working at Dingo’s since February of 2019.  She is the owner of Blue, a Silver Lab rescue, who, like Becca, enjoys hiking and spending time at our daycare.   In addition to holding the title of Floor Manager of our facility, Becca also helps Julia and Nancy with a number of the administrative/office work and boards dogs out of her home in Beverly. She can be reached at:

Marilyn D.

Marilyn is a semi-retired registered nurse who splits her time between caring for patients, caring for dogs, and caring for Nancy’s kids!  As an avid animal-lover, Marilyn has been the owner of countless dogs, cats, hamsters, gerbils, frogs, salamanders, turtles, birds, fish, and even an iguana.  But her favorite animal of all has always been “man’s best friend.”

Robert B.

Robert is an industry veteran with many years of doggy daycare experience under his belt – both in the Pacific Northwest and locally – before he came to us in February of 2020.  In addition to having a strong knowledge of group play and dog social dynamics, he is also skilled at maintaining best practices for our various daycare processes and procedures.   His penchant for “handy-work” also comes in, well, handy, at the daycare! 
*Fun fact: Robert also has his B.S. in Geology from Salem State University!

Phil C.

Phil volunteered his time at Dingo’s for years before becoming an official employee in January of 2021.  His extreme devotion to our pack members combined with his scrupulous cleaning skills make him an excellent team member!


Fae has been with Dingos since 2021 when she came on as a dog walker. Over the past couple years her role has expanded to also include dog boarding and bus driving. Over her tenure with us Fae has logged many steps, become “Pack Pro Certified” and obtained a certification in Pet CPR!

A lifelong fitness enthusiast (and former instructor), Fae lives in Beverly with her husband of twenty years, her two teenage children, her dog Bluto, and the most dog-friendly cat you will ever meet, Lynx!

Bobby D.

You will occasionally find Bobby D driving our Dingo’s bus and walking dogs for us in the Swamspcott, Lynn and Marblehead areas.  A former graduate of Swampscott High, Bobby also happens to be Nancy’s brother!  After serving 10 years on the New York City police department, Bobby moved back to Mass and joined the Air Force reserves; he now works full time at Westfield Air Force base in Western Mass but enjoys coming home to the Nortshore whenever time allows.  

Eric D.

Eric began working with us in September of 2016 with some previous dog (and child) care experience under his belt (or hockey jersey – he doesn’t wear belts!*).  After a brief hiatus in 2020, he returned to Dingo’s in August of 2021 and has been a mainstay in our “Bigs” section ever since.  Always willing to come in early, stay late, or pick up additional shifts, he is the epitome of a team player. 

In addition to superb pack management skills, Eric has also aided in the design of much of the Dingo’s apparel released over his tenure with us. 

*Fun fact: You may have noticed that he wears a different sports hat and jersey for nearly every shift.  Thus far, he has  202 hats and 133 jerseys in his collection!

Nichole R.

Nichole began working at Dingo’s in April of 2021.  With no prior professional experience working with dogs, she has proven to be a quick learner and is able to manage a large pack with the skill and  dexterity of a seasoned staff member!  Blessed with an abundance of patience after working professionally in long-term care settings, her composure and warmth make her a wonderful addition to our Dingo’s pack! She is also one of our main content creators for our social media sites!

Chelsey M.

Chelsey began working at Dingo’s in 2015 as a daycare attendant.  She left in 2017 for a training apprenticeship and went on to receive her AKC training certification not long after.  Now back at Dingo’s with a “OG” title, she assists both our dogs and our staff in reinforcement training and pack management skills.  She is also available for home visits for clients who need a little extra socialization training at home.

You can reach her at: