Meet the Staff

Meet Our Staff of Professional Dog Sitters in Beverly, MA

Julia B.

Prior to her employment at Dingo’s, Julia completed an internship with Cape Ann Animal Aid in Gloucester. She’s a proud “dog mama” to a French Bulldog named Luna and a #goodoldfashionedmutt named Nova! In addition to serving as General Manager at the daycare, Julia is also in school to become a Certified Trainer through Catch.


Jenn B

Jenn B.

Jenn was born and raised in Beverly before moving to Gloucester in early 2018. Before joining our team she could frequently be found dog-walking and dog-sitting for shared clients and friends in the Beverly area. Her perennially upbeat personality coupled with her passion for our pups has made her in excellent addition to our human pack!


Kevin A.

Kevin lives in Salem with his senior cat (Gertie), two bunnies (Moose and Meeks), and his Lab mix (Samwise Gamgee), who has been attending Dingo’s even longer than Kevin has! After getting his history degree with a philosophy minor from Salem State University, Kevin dove headfirst into Dingo’s, deciding that dogs were the greatest good that he would ever find. He helps out with whatever he can, whenever he can, and can usually be found by looking up (he’s 6’6″!). 


Becca J.

Becca, a life-long Beverly Panther, has been working at Dingo’s since February of 2019.  She is the owner of Blue, a Silver Lab rescue, who, like Becca, enjoys hiking and the great outdoors.  Blue thinks Becca is the best thing to happen to dogs since they were domesticated some 15,000 years ago.  Blue is a smart dog because he’s not far off – Becca is sweet but firm, competent, kind, meticulous about the health and safety of our pack and an extremely hard worker to boot!  In addition to working at Dingo’s, she is pursuing a degree in Animal Care at North Shore Community College.  

Brandy S.

Brandy began working at Dingo’s in February of 2015.  In addition to working at our daycare and driving our “Dingomobile”, Brandy also boards dogs out of her home in Beverly where she resides with her impeccably behaved rescue dog, Pluto.

Marilyn with dogs

Marilyn D.

Marilyn is a semi-retired registered nurse who splits her time between caring for patients, caring for dogs, and caring for Nancy’s kids!  As an avid animal-lover, Marilyn has been the owner of countless dogs, cats, hamsters, gerbils, frogs, salamanders, turtles, birds, fish, and even an iguana.  But her favorite animal of all has always been “man’s best friend.”

Dana C.

Dana C. was born and raised in Beverly where she currently resides with her plot hound mix, Ash. She is enrolled at North Shore Community College where she is studying to become a Veterinary Technician. Her ultimate goal is to obtain a job as a tech with a wild life rescue and rehabilitation organization.

Jimmy P.

Born and raised in Swampscott, MA, Jimmy, or “Otto”, as we like to call him, likes to call his afternoon bus route his “therapy”.  He has three main loves in life: driving trucks (or buses), cavorting with cute “puppers”, and playing the drums; his afternoon gig at Dingo’s affords him the ability to engage in two out of his three passions – and two out of three ain’t bad!  When he’s not driving our Dingo’s bus he can be found cutting hair as a professional barber.

Robert B.

Robert is an industry veteran with many years of doggy daycare experience under his belt – both in the Pacific Northwest and locally – before he came to us in February of 2020.  In addition to having a strong knowledge of group play and dog social dynamics, he is also skilled at maintaining best practices for our various daycare processes and procedures.   His penchant for “handy-work” also comes in -well – handy, at the daycare! 
Robert lives in Salem with his wife – a R.N. – and young son.
*Fun fact: Robert also has his B.S. in Geology from Salem State University!

Willow K.

Willow dreamed of working at a doggy daycare for years – in April of 2021 they got their wish when they joined our Dingo’s team (and we are lucky to have them!)! Willow has owned dogs most of their life; their current four-legged family member is a mystery-mutt that you will often find frolicking among our pack. When Willow’s not at Dingo’s, they spend most of their time working on their poetry collection as well as their podcast.

Ashley D.

Ashley was born and raised in Salem, Mass and has had an affinity toward animals since she was just a wee pup herself.  She currently shares her home with two rescue dogs  and three very “spoiled” cats.   As a recent graduate of Salem State University, she currently works in the Lab Department at the Lahey Clinic in Peabody.   

Nicole R.

Nichole began working at Dingo’s in April of 2021.  With no prior professional experience working with dogs, she has proven to be a quick learner and is able to manage a large pack with the skill and  dexterity of a seasoned staff member!  Blessed with an abundance of patience after working professionally in long-term care settings, her composure and warmth make her a wonderful addition to our Dingo’s pack!

Bobby D.

You will occasionally find Bobby D driving our Dingo’s bus and walking dogs for us in the Swamspcott, Lynn and Marblehead areas.  A former graduate of Swampscott High, Bobby also happens to be Nancy’s brother!  After serving 10 years on the New York City police department, Bobby moved back to Mass and joined the Air Force reserves; he now works full time at Westfield Air Force base in Western Mass but enjoys coming home to the North Shore whenever time allows.