Please Note:

Our Transportation Liability Waiver must be signed before transportation services can be provided.

“Play Care” Doggie Day Care in Beverly, MA

At our doggie daycare in Beverly, MA, we have 2,000 square feet of clean, indoor space with three separate play areas plus a 2,500 square-foot fenced yard for outdoor play and bathroom breaks!

Doggie Day Care Rates

Single Dog

$40 for a full day

$30 for a half day (5 hours or less)

$22 for a “quickie” (2 hours or less)


Two Dogs (same household)

Full Day: $32/dog per day

Half Day: $24/dog per day

Transportation Rates in Beverly, Beverly Farms, Salem, Marblehead, Swampscott, Lynn, Hamilton, & Wenham

$14 one way, $24 round trip for one dog

$9/dog ($18 total) one way, $13.50/dog ($27 total) round trip for two dogs

20 Pack of Round Trip, Discounted Transportation: $370 (or $18.50 per round trip ride).

*Weekend and holiday transportation rates for the dogs that board with us will vary based on location. Please inquire ahead of time for transportation rates when boarding.

**Please see here for additional and important information about our transportation services.


For transportation rates outside the areas listed above please contact us at:

Ashley with dogs on leashes by purple dingos dogsitting bus

Package Deals for Half-Days (2 to 5 hours)

5 Pack: $145

10 Pack: $280

20 Pack: $540

Package Deals for Full-Days (5 plus hours)

5 Pack: $195

10 Pack: $380

20 Pack: $740

*Note that packages must be prepaid in order to be eligible for the bulk discount.  Attendance days acquired before a pack is purchased will be billed out at the regular rate.

**Packages are good for six months.  Remaining passes not used within six months will be forfeited.

***Package Terms and Conditions can be found here.

Dog Walking & Home Visits

$33 for a 30 minute walk/visit (add $15 for a second dog from the same house-hold)


15 minute “check-in”: $28


*A surcharge of $10.00/visit will be assessed for visits before 8am, after 5pm, and/or on weekends/holidays.

**”Meet & Greets” will be required before the onset of dog-walking services.  These are billed out at a rate of $30.

***See here for a summary of our dog-walking policies and procedures.

To Register, please use the same forms as the Doggie Daycare Registration above.

small cute dog on a puppy leash

Overnight Dog Boarding:

All the comforts of home away from home!


$85/calendar day for home boarding in a staff member’s home 

$85/calendar day for  free-roam boarding at our daycare

$85/calendar day for house-sitting in a client’s home (one dog)

*Additional dogs will incur a $30/day fee; cat (or other small animal) care will incur a $15/day fee

**Multi-dog discounts available.  Please email us at for further info.

***”Half-day” boarding rates will apply for dogs dropped off after 5PM on their first day or picked-up before noon of their last day.

****A surcharge of $100 will be accessed for boarding on major holidays. For a list of those click here.

Because our boarding space is very limited, we only board dogs who utilize our daycare at least once a week.  Please see here for additional information about our boarding policies and procedures.

pug puppy sleeping on a couch

Dog Training at Dingo’s


Train with Julia!

Julia and luna

1 Hour Training Session with Julia: $60

Train with Chelsey!

chelsey and gizmo

1 Hour Training Session with our Lead Trainer Chelsey: $75 to $95/session


Both of these services can be booked directly from Pet Exec.  Read more about our trainers here

Our Dog Grooming Services

  • Nail trim: $17
  • Small dog, short coat brushing: $10
  • Large dog/long coat brushing: $20
  • Anal gland expression: $20
  • Ear cleaning: $10
  • Teeth brushing: $10

NOTE: Because we want Dingo’s to remain your dog’s happy place, we will avoid forcing resistant or anxious dogs to undergo any grooming services.  Some dogs don’t mind having their nails trimmed but others hate it.  If you find your dog is in the latter category, then our nail trim service may not work for your dog.