Poopy Predicaments

The shame! The embarrasment! The looks of disgust! There’s nothing worse, as a “professional” dog walker, that those moments when you are inadequately prepared for poop disposal, or to put it more bluntly, when you didn’t bring enough shit bags on your walk and you have to leave one or more doggie-defacations on the ground. Gross.

Today prior to walking Heureux (one of my regulars) and my own dog, Dingo, I stuffed three plastic bags in my pocket, hypothesizing that I was abundantly prepared in the off-chance that one of my furry friends decided to go number two a total of two times (they are both usually solitary poopers).

Woe was me when both dogs emptied their bowels on two separate occasions in a total of four separate locations. Oi! I feel the need, in ill-prepared instances such as these, to glance around for contemptuous peepers pointed in my direction, followed by a disclaimer on my part, said aloud to anyone within ear shot, justifying my predicament lest these random passers-bye think me anything less than a consummate professional.

After my soliloquey in Somerville I couldn’t help but think that I’m not the only one who does this. Admit it, you too have been there and done that, haven’t you? Actually, my friend and I had a conversation regarding this taboo topic just a week ago which inspired me to post this less than appetizing topic. I take comfort in knowing that I’m not alone. You should too. Shit happens. Literally. I guess the lesson of the day is: better to be over-prepared then under. Even if that means jamming plastic bags in every orifice of clothing. Or better yet – note to self: wear clothes with more pockets!

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