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I May Be Anthropomorphizing But…

dingos dogsitting serviceReason #2 why I love my job: the feeling of complete and total love and adulation I receive from my four-legged clients upon seeing them after an extended period apart (and by extended I mean minutes, hours, days, weeks, or even months. The actual time elapsed matters not). Now, I may be taking a few liberties here, but I liken this type of genuine excitement to my presence to that of a rock god on stage being applauded by his most zealous fans. Granted my audience is a lot less discerning, with minimal capacity for rational thought, and very low IQ’s relatively speaking, yet, it feels good to be loved, no matter from where that love emanates. In my case it just happens to come from the four-legged, wiggly bummed variety. That’s okay. I’ll take it!



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