Woman Performs Daring Water Rescue. Saves Life of Dog Caught in Fishing Line in Foster’s Pond.

Nancy DeFazio, owner of Dingo’s Dogsitting, was forced to jump into Foster’s Pond in Swampscott after her dog, Dingo, after Dingo became entangled in an abandoned fishing line. Nancy said her greatest fear upon entering Foster’s was the threat of leaches and snapping turtles, but the love of her dog far outweighed her fear, even of such treacherous creatures.

This is Nancy’s second water rescue in two years; two summers ago she was forced to “save” another dog who became “disoriented” in the Arlington Reservoir.

When asked to comment DeFazio said that her years lifeguarding at Swampscott’s beaches served her well. She doesn’t think of herself as a hero, just someone who loves dogs and would do anything for them.

Dingo and Nancy are recovering well and steering clear of Foster’s Pond, at least for now.

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