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The Occupational Hazards of a Dog-Sitter

Picture this scenario – a 100lb Great Dane/Lab mix – a true behemoth of a dog -running full speed down a hill, clips you from behind in the middle of the woods. You drop and wail out as the pain travels up your leg. For a moment, you think you may have broken a bone. It hurts that much. You scream and clutch your calf for a good ten seconds waiting for the pain to subside. When it does – you start crying and then laughing at the sheer ridiculousness of the scenario. A bad charlie-horse smarts in a way that nothing else does. The perpetrator of the assault, a big goofy rescue dog named Boston, seems to feel bad; he licks your face and tries to sit in your lap while you cry atop a pile of pine leaves on the ground. Your own little dog sits next to you unfazed. Thanks for your concern, Dingo.

dog sitter tipsInjuries sustained – a deep muscle bruise/calf contusion. Will make walking difficult. Forget running. Expect to be limping the next week or so… The occupational hazards of a dog-sitter.


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