An Insider’s Guide to Dog Behavior Seminars, Trainings, etc

This past weekend I attended a seminar on dog group dynamics by Sue Sternberg. Sternberg is the head of Rondout Valley Animals for Adoption, a community, nonprofit animal shelter which serves the upstate New York community. Sue also runs national programs dedicated to ensuring safe animal adoptions, and quality of life at animal shelters around the world. She has over 23 years of canine behavior experience, including as an animal control officer, a behavior consultant at the ASPCA, a kennel and animal shelter owner, a successful competitor in a variety of dog sports, and a teacher of dog trainers.

I was made aware of the seminar and attended with Irene Zimmer, a dog trainer and former veterinarian.  Irene is constantly keeping abreast of the various animal behaviorist trainings and seminars held throughout the year. Irene, always enthusiastic, took that small prodding to write me a fabulously informative email of all the local trade organizations in the area dealing with the health, wellness, and training of dogs. Since her email was so thorough and informative I wanted to share it with my readers. So without further ado, here it is:

1) There is the website of the Association of Professional Dog Trainers ( Their annual conference this year will be in Hartford Connecticut in October.

[As a side note, Irene went to their conference in San Diego three years ago. Sue Sternberg is presenting a workshop there this year.]

2) Ian Dunbar, who I think founded the APDT or was founding member, has a website called Dogstar Daily ( which is also full of good information. He is very knowledgeable. I am a big fan of his.

3) Then there is the International Association of Animal Bahavior Consultants (IAABC). The reason I mention this is that they have a link called (CEUs) where they feature workshops and conferences etc. Here is the link:

4) Then of course there is Dr Sophia Yin; she also has a website full of interesting stuff. She is very good. I will be doing a laboratory with her in October at a vet conference.

5) I also like to keep an eye on TUFTS Cummings school of vet medicine in North Grafton. I once sat in on behavior consults with Dr Dodman and Dr Borns-Weil, they are very good and have a lot of what I consider “healthy” takes on things.

6) Here is a webpage I also check for especially behavior things, they list a lot of events, not only for vets:

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