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Personal Reflections After a Doggie Faux Pas

Every morning one of my client’s dogs greets me at the door with what I like to think of as a gift of sorts. Usually it’s a bone, sometimes it’s her owner’s shoe, occasionally a sock. Today, however, I was shocked to find that my welcoming “gift” was a pair of her owner’s underwear. Luckily they were clean (I think although I did not inspect them thoroughly). Both myself and said owner got a good laugh at this morning’s faux pas but it also got me thinking about how the nuanced twists and turns – some small, some large, some glorious, some dreadful – of day to day life are what keep it interesting Oh to be alive! Due to the unpredictable nature of dogs I never know how the day will unfold. Some days are challenging, others are fun, many are funny (or funny later when you can look back and laugh). But one thing the days are never is boring. I’m thankful for that.



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