Flea and Tick Prevention Part Doux: Triple Sure

Triple Sure was introduced to me by a client who favors natural and organic foods and remedies in all aspects of her life, including the care of her dog. This particular client has also suffered from severe and crippling bouts of Lyme Disease so she takes her tick prevention quite seriously. She swears by Triple Sure.

Triple Sure is the brainchild of Gary Le-Mon, a “professional Herbalist” (his words) who created this product using active ingredients such as cedar and peppermint oil which work to block a specific neurotransmitter in insects called Octopamine. Otopamine regulates the nervous system of most insects, and is considered especially safe for humans and other animals because we lack Otopamine in our biology.

Triple Sure has a pleasant scent with aromas of Cedar, Pine, and Peppermint which when inhaled bring to mind images of lounging fireside inside a cabin in the woods. Basically, it smells great. But more importantly, and by all accounts, it seems to work quite well. I have yet to try it on my own dog, but from speaking to other dog owners who use it, this will be my next purchase. Triple Sure can be purchased here: http://www.natural-wonder-pets.com/natural-flea-control.html

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