How Dog Boarding Is Like Summer Camp for Dogs

Some of us have friends or family that are capable of watching our dog(s) while we travel. Most people can fill a water bowl, measure out some kibble, and bring a dog out quickly so he/she can elimintate? But at Dingo’s Dogsitting, dog boarding is more than just a place for your dog to rest his head at night; it’s like summer camp for your beloved family member!

The first day of camp is typically a bit intimidating for most kids. For some of us it was the first time we were away from home, especially without our parents, for more than a night or two. There were a lot of new people to “sniff out”, we wondered if we would fit in and make friends.

But every friend was a stranger to us at some point. And even the most xenophobic among us would have difficulty resisting the charms of a good game of capture the flag (fetch), tug-o-war, or tag. Once we’ve “broken bread” (shared a treat) with our new-found friends, we’ve likely formed a “pack” for life.

Remember the letters home? Or the weekly phone calls to check in? Unless your dog is truly spectacular, he can’t send letters home, but the sitters at Dingo’s Dogsitting can take care of that for them. The Dingo’s staff will send you pictures and updates so you can keep abreast of all the fun your pooch is having. When you pick them up, they’ll be happy, healthy, and eager for you to go on another trip.

To sign your dog up for “summer camp,” please contact us: 617-590-3721.


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