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The Top Ten Things You Should Ask Before Sending Your Dog to Daycare (and Our Answers)

1) What is the typical dog to human ratio?

During peak hours we typically have six staff members on site; we average about 30 dogs per day.

2) Do you have an enclosed outdoor area for the dogs? If yes, how big is it and how often are the dogs brought outside to play and eliminate?

At Dingo’s we have a 2,000 square foot enclosed outdoor area that is blanketed by pea pebbles on one side and Forever Lawn’s patented K9 turf on the other.  Weather permitting, we spend mornings outside and take additional leashed bathroom breaks in the afternoon.

3) Are there separate areas for dogs of different sizes and activity levels?

Yes.  We have multiple indoor and outdoor play spaces. Certain dogs tend to gravitate towards each other while others may just not “hit it off” (“sometimes one dog sniffs another dog’s but and just doesn’t like what he smells”). We separate dogs based on a number of factors, most importantly size, but also age, temperament, play style, and activity level.

4) What is your vaccination policy?

We require proof of all standard vaccinations as well as Bordetella.  Neither the Lepto nor the flu vaccination are required but we do recommend them.

5) Do you offer rides? Pickups? Drop-offs?

Yes, we offer rides in Beverly, Salem, Hamilton, Wenham, Lynn, Swampscott, Nahant Peabody and Marblehead.

6) Are the dogs ever left alone (unattended)?

Our daycare clients are never left unattended.

7) What is your process for vetting new dogs?

For dogs new to daycare, we typically ask the owners to drop their dog off close 7AM so that he is the first one to arrive.  This will give him the opportunity to sniff around and claim the space before the “regulars” arrive.  From this point onward, our vetting process begins and it doesn’t end until your dog is no longer enrolled with us.  We  continually monitoring all the dogs in our pack to ensure a safe environment.  If, however, your dog shows immediate signs of aggression on his first day, we would separate him and ask that you pick him up as soon as you are able.

8) What are your regular hours? Can you accommodate an early drop-off or a late pickup if needed?

We are open Monday through Friday from 7AM until 6PM.  We also try to accommodate weekend daycare requests on an as-needed basis.

9) Can you feed my dog a breakfast/lunch/or dinner if requested?

Of course! We also have a separate feeding area for the dogs whose owners pack a lunch (or breakfast or dinner).

10) Are you licensed and insured?



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