“The Power of the Pack”

Cesar Milan lauds the “power of the pack” (and you should too)! While working as a kennel hand for a training facility in Los Angeles, Milan began to see how the “power of the pack” could rehabilitate an unbalanced dog. To this day, Cesar still uses “the pack” as an effective tool in helping dogs with problems. When a new and unstable dog is introduced to a group that has already formed a healthy bond, the pack will influence the newcomer to achieve a more balanced state of mind. Cesar’s job at this point, “is to make sure the interaction between newcomer and existing pack members doesn’t get too intense.” As long as Milan monitors and stops any aggressive behavior on either side of the encounter, the new dog will typically adjust its behavior to “fit in” with the others.” Like humans, or any pack-oriented species, it’s in a dog’s genetic best interest to try to fit in and get along with its conspecifics. When Cesar rebalances unstable dogs using this method, he’s capitalizing on a very basic and natural genetic drive. Milan states that, “by working with dogs in packs, the dogs can accelerate one another’s healing processes much faster than just a human trainer alone.”-Excerpts taken from “Cesar’s Way” by Cesar Milan

As the owner of Dingo’s Dogsitting in Beverly, Massachusetts, I’m amazed daily by the “power of the pack” and the intricacies and nuances of dog psychology. Far from unfeeling, dumb animals, dogs have a need to lead a rich social life. Does your dog have a “pack”? If not, you might want to think about enrolling him in doggy daycare! Call us today to set up a free consultation: 617-590-3721.


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