closeup of dog paws

Why You Should Trim Your Dog’s Nails

If you’re a dog-owner, you’ve most likely realized that most dogs do not like getting their nails trimmed. However, provided the kwik – the vein running through a dog’s nail – is not severed, a trim should not be painful. Still, the pressure from the clippers does cause an uncomfortable sensation that most dogs tend to dislike. That said, regularly trimming your pet’s nails is an important grooming ritual that can help prevent injury to both your dog and his human and canine friends. Additionally, trimmed nails aid in a dog’s balance when walking on slippery surfaces such as tile or linoleum. Finally, long nails can dig into the bottom of your dog’s paw pads and cause ingrown nails which could, in turn, become infected. Bottom line: nail trims, albeit mildly unpleasant, are not painful and are important, especially if you have a highly social dog!



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