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Enrollment Information and What to Expect on Your Dog’s First Day of Daycare 4

Most owners typically have a lot of questions regarding the enrollment process and what to expect on their dog’s first day of doggy daycare. For an overview on everything you will need to know ahead of time, please read below!

Before your dog can attend Dingo’s Dogsitting Doggy Daycare, we will need the following:

  1. Completed and signed Dingo’s Dogsitting Forms and Liability Waiver. Forms can be completed online or downloaded from the “Contact Us” section of our website:
  2. Copy of vet/vaccination records. These can be faxed or emailed to us directly by your Vet.
  3. Proof of a negative fecal sample within the past year.

We ask that as responsible owners, you do the following BEFORE bringing your dog to our daycare:

If your dog is under two years of age or immune-compromised, please check their mouth including gums and tongue for “puppy warts” prior to enrolling them in daycare.   Additionally, we recommend that dogs under two get on a regimen of Colloidal Silver as an immune-boosting preventative.  More information on the Canine Papilloma Virus, anecdotally known as “doggie chickenpox”, can be found here:

Please check your dog for fleas and ticks PRIOR to attending daycare.

“In tact” dogs must be spayed or neutered before one year of age and show no signs of aggression.  Female dogs in heat can not attend daycare.

Your Dog’s First Day

We do not do a “Temperament Test” ahead of time as dogs are continually monitored throughout their tenure with us to ensure a copacetic pack environment. Behavioral issues not seen when a dog starts daycare may present weeks, months or even years later. Some dogs phase out of daycare as they mature. For the safety of all the dogs in our care, we reserve the right to suspend or excuse dogs at our sole discretion. In an effort to remain as transparent as possible, verbal and/or written communication with regards to behavioral issues that transpire will be maintained with the owner.

Because we do not do a “temperament test” a dog’s arrival time on his/her first day is profoundly important. We ask that you bring your dog on his/her first day very early – around 7AM — so that they are one of the first dogs to arrive.  An early drop off will insure your dog has a chance to sniff around, meet the staff, get comfortable and claim the space. As the “regulars” slowly trickle in, your dog will have the chance to meet new dogs after already establishing him/herself in the yard. It is at this point that we will begin monitoring your dog very closely for any signs of anxiety or aggression. This is when our life-long and on-going “temperament test” begins. Most dogs introduced to the pack in this manner are successful. On the flip-side, if you were to drop your dog off later in the day when our large pack of regulars had already arrived, this would likely be an anxiety provoking event for your dog as he would be swarmed by more than a dozen strange dogs wanting to sniff him/her upon entering. Fear and anxiety can lead to aggression and this is what we want to avoid!

We advise against scheduling a pickup in our bus for your dog’s first day with us for a couple reasons: for one, some dogs will not want to get in a vehicle with a human they have not previously met. Secondly, a bus or car is not the ideal place to introduce a new pack member. If you are the owner of a dog who will need to be picked up for daycare regularly, we would ask that on your dog’s first day you make arrangements to drop him off (we can bring him home if needed). If, based on extreme circumstances, you are unable to bring your dog to us for his first day, we will make arrangements to have a member of management pickup your dog in a separate vehicle. Pickup time will be quite early because, as I mentioned previously, we like new dogs to arrive at the daycare before most (if not all) of the “regulars” get there.

We recommend a “half day” for a dog’s first day (no need to overwhelm Fido with a long day of new sights, smells, sounds and experiences).

Pet Exec

Once we have received your registration forms and vet records, we will create a profile for you in our Pet Exec software, after which, you will receive an on-boarding email be able to reserve a spot at our daycare directly from within your Pet Exec portal:

If you have any additional questions about the enrollment process, feel free to email us at:

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