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pancakes the beagle playing at dingos dogsitting
To be eligible for enrollment at Dingo’s Dogsitting Doggy Daycare we will need the following from you: A Vaccination Report and Vet Records. Your Vet can fax these to us at: 857-588-7706 or email them to: Please insure your dog is current for his Bordetella (kennel cough) vaccination.  The […]

Daycare Enrollment Requirements

little dog in a surgical mask
Kennel Cough  can present in dogs anytime they are together.  It can show up at the vet’s office, pet stores, kennels, neighborhood walks, apartment buildings, condos, groomers, the park, and at dog daycare. Kennel Cough is an upper respiratory illness, similar to the common cold in humans. And like our […]

Kennel Cough Q&A