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New Group Training Course with Rocco Costa to Begin March 29th 1

Many of you have asked and your calls have been answered: our second group training with Rocco Costa of the Canine Castle in Marblehead is scheduled to begin on Wednesday March 29th at 6:30PM. Rocco is a very sought-after trainer with a client waiting list that spans months, which is why we are so excited that he will again be offering classes at Dingo’s, thereby allowing you to bypass the waiting list and jump into a program with him ASAP!

Rocco and I want your dog to be the best companion and client he/she can be. This class will be the first step in that goal. Please see below for a thorough class description and outline.

4 weeks of sessions at Dingo’s in a group setting. Individual training thereafter will be specifically tailored for each dog and predicated by their behavioral issues, home environments, and long term objectives. Individual training sessions including locations, times and pricing will be coordinated and booked directly with Rocco.

Time: Wednesday Evenings from 6:30PM to 8PM

Location: Dingo’s Dogsitting & Doggy Daycare

Start date: Wednesday March 29th

Max number of dogs in the class: 8. Spaces will be reserved on a first come/first serve basis.

Cost: $400 per dog for the four group sessions

Intake Appointment: An “Initial Evaluation” at your home will be required before the commencement of class. The cost of the eval is $90 and can be paid directly to Rocco.

Class 1:

Introductions on how to “voice command”, how to admonish and praise, and the effects of your body language/gestures on your dog’s understanding and ability to follow commands and trust your dominance.

“Dominance theories” will be explained.

Introductions to on-leash behavior modification

Class 2:

Open discussion of individual dogs and the most pressing issues their families are encountering

On-leash commands and corrections. Standards will be set for appropriate behavior on leash

“Back to basics” exercises and demonstrations to ensure that the foundations are established and strengthened

Class 3:

Introduction to dog socialization

Introduce off-leash commands to the dogs (and their humans)

Introduce off-leash exercises with emphasis on how to command and control, procedures and routines, and general communication with your dog when off-leash and distracted

Identify challenges (such as other dogs) that may arise from your dog and how to proceed in order to encourage your dog to submit their will to you during that challenge

Class 4:

Advance socialization

Advance off-leash procedures including commands and control

Discuss and demonstrate other behavioral issues that are causing participants to lose control of their dogs (example: a strong prey drive, dominance/aggression, resource guarding, gate guarding, etc.)

Hone in on different dominance and sociability issues that have been discussed during weeks 1 through 4

*Exercises and homework will be assigned at the close of each class.

**Please note, the preceding class descriptions are subject to change depending on the dynamics and needs of the group and the speed at which the dogs progress and retain information.

***The humans accompanying the dogs should be limited in age to 16 years and older. Up to 4 humans per dog may attend.

What to bring: Please bring whatever you are currently using for walking, any off-leash activities, or whatever you need for control of your dog. Some dogs will maintain their status quo, but Rocco may make alternative suggestions for others. At a minimum, you will need to the following:

a “Martingale” collar. Rocco will talk about this during your dog’s initial evaluation.

6′ x 1″ leash w/TRAFFIC HANDLE

if you prefer walking w/a harness, an “EZ-Walk No Pull Harness” made by Pet Safe

high value treats (no kibble, no hotdogs)

A notebook and pen so you can take notes

Warm dress as we will be outside at least part of the time

Final Disclaimer: Please note that this will start the foundation of training for you and your dog. This group program in NO WAY will be the complete training program for your dog. To truly effect permanent and comprehensive changes you will need to train beyond the group sessions.

For additional information, or to reserve a spot, please contact Nancy:

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