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Our Transportation Services: What You Need to Know 2

We get it. You’re busy. It seems what we are all lacking in today’s hustle-bustle world is time. But don’t worry, we can help take one thing off your to do list. If you’re a dog owner pressed for time, you should know that we couldn’t make enrolling your dog at our doggy daycare any easier – we will even pick-up and/or drop-off your pooch for you (talk about door to door service!). We regularly offer doggy pick-up and drop-off services for clients living in Beverly, Salem, Marblehead, Swampscott, and Lynn; Little Nahant is serviced once a week (on Thursdays only).  Our bus leaves the station twice per day – once in the morning and once in the afternoon.  Morning pickups are completed between 7AM and 9:30AM.  Dogs are dropped home in the afternoon between 2:30PM and 5PM.  Pickup and drop-off times may vary slightly depending on our attendance numbers and route for the day.

Pick-up and/or drop-off instructions can be emailed to: info@dingosdogsitting.com.

An owner or another trusted caretaker should be home on the first day of pickup to help the dog transition safely onto our bus for their “maiden voyage”.  Dogs who do not tolerate new or unfamiliar people coming into their home should be accompanied to the bus with an owner.  If the owner is unable to do this, we would suggest rescheduling a pickup for a different day.

On the day of pickup, we ask that clients ensure that their dogs’ bladders and bowels are empty upon our arrival.  Dogs who consistently eliminate in our vehicles may need to make alternative transportation arrangements.   If your dog has a tendency to suffer from motion sickness, please let us know and refrain from feeding him (a packed breakfast or lunch can be sent along with him in cases such as these).  Dogs should be wearing their collars when we arrive for pickup, but we will use our own leashes.  Please remove flea and/or electronic collars before we arrive.  Dogs should not be transported in a Pet Safe Keep Safe collar, but we can store these at the daycare for clients that utilize our transportation services.  Giant breeds, or those prone to excessive pulling or jumping, should also have a harness on before our arrival.  This will help our drivers and aid us in preventing injuries to our transportation staff.

In our experience, we have noticed that some dogs, particularly those that are sensitive to loud noises, may be a bit fearful of the bus at first. Typically, this subsides once they realize that the bus is the vehicle (literally) taking them to their “happy place”. We will aid in this acclimation process by shutting the bus off at pickup (if needed) and/or coming equipped with high value treats and a friendly voice/touch.

Transportation reservations should be placed 24 hours before service is needed. Last minute additions or cancellations may be subject to an additional fee as we staff and plan our routes in advance. For additional questions about our dog transportation services, please email management at: info@dingosdogsitting.com.

Client Keys

For clients requiring key access, note that we require three sets of keys to be given to us at the start of your transportation services – one for each of our “dog delivery vehicles” and a floater for staff use as sometimes staff will provide overflow transportation in their own vehicles as needed.

Booking Transportation in Pet Exec

Transportation is booked as a “Scheduled Service” separate from daycare within Pet Exec.  Simply click on the “Request Other Services” button in your Pet Exec portal to reserve a spot on our bus.
 Clients who purchase daycare packages are also able to purchase transportation passes to coincide with your daycare packages. This is recommended as it will keep your total balance current.

A Note on Pick-Up’s for New Clients

Note that we advise against scheduling a pickup on your dog’s first day with us for a couple reasons: for one, some dogs will not want to get in a vehicle with someone they have not previously met. Secondly, a bus or car is not the ideal place to introduce a new pack member to our other four-legged clients. If you are the owner of a dog who will need to be picked up for daycare regularly, we would ask that on your dog’s first day you make arrangements to drop him off (we can bring him home if needed).

For additional questions, bark at us here: info@dingosdogsitting.com.

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2 thoughts on “Our Transportation Services: What You Need to Know

  • Anthony Leone

    This is the greatest think I have ever seen. Made my morning. My dog has no where to go but I just want her to ride….. Great job

  • Michelle Collins

    I scheduled Monte’s first transportation tomorrow morning. I will be home in the morning to put him on the bus. I’m the afternoon I will be home. I was hoping to send him from 8:30-1:30 tomorrow.
    My address is 48 Courtney Dr, Beverly MA 01915.