Harvey happy at daycare

Want Your Dog to Curl-Up into a Happy, Satisfied Round at the End of the Day? Send them to Daycare!

“When dogs spend long hours doing nothing, they have too much energy to curl up into happy, satisfied rounds at the end of the bed. Their energy has to go somewhere, and for the less sturdy, or simply the more prone to anxiety or compulsion, that somewhere is Crazy-town.” -“Animal Madness: Inside Their Minds” by Laurel Braitman

Braitman, who has graced the Ted stage and been featured on NPR as well as countless other media outlets, lays it out in plain English in her NY Times best-selling book, “Animal Madness”: all dogs, but especially anxious and/or hyperactive dogs need an outlet for energy expenditure. Because most dog-owners work and/or do not have countless hours in the day to spend on fulfilling their dogs mental and physical energy  requirements, doggie daycare is the best and most financially sound option in creating a happy and balanced dog.

Dingo’s Dogsitting. For tired dogs and happy owners.

tred pup after a day at dingos dogsitting

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