How a Martingale Collar Works

A Note on Dog Accessories – Leashes, Collars, Harnesses, Etc.

A quick note on dog accessories like leashes, collars (including flea collars/electronic collars), and harnesses: while we do remove collars in our play areas, as well as utilize our own purple Dingo’s leashes for pickups and drop-offs, due to the unpredictable nature of dogs, we cannot assume liability for your dog’s accessories whilst in our care. Just as I don’t send my little human to daycare in his best outfits (lest they return home stretched, ripped and/or stained), we recommend you save your fancy coats, collars, harnesses etc for non-daycare days. Please leave flea collars at home as well as these are easily broken during play.

We do recommend that all clients purchase a martingale collar for use while at Dingo’s. A martingale collar will prevent your dog from maneuvering out of his collar and should eliminate the need (in most cases) for a harness while she is with us. For very large dogs that pull excessively, we recommend an Easy Walk Harness in addition to the martingale collar.  We will remove the harness in our play areas but it will need to remain on in transit if you utilize our transportation services.

Please save your retractable leads for home use and drop your dog off with a standard leash on daycare days.


Thank you!

Nancy, President & “Pack Leader”

A martingale collar tightens when a dog pulls but does not choke the dog like a typical “choke chain collar”.  

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