Drop-Off & Pick-Up Procedures

We are asking that clients continue to remain outside for drop-offs and pick-ups for the foreseeable future.  If our pack is outside upon your arrival, please feel free to holler over our fence if no one comes out to greet you relatively quickly (though we try to be cognizant of the comings and goings of cars, especially during peak drop-off and pick-up times).  If we are inside, please call/text our floor staff cell phone: 978-810-5762 and a member of our staff will greet you in our first set of air-gates (photo for reference below).  Upon exiting, please be sure to close and latch the gate for the next client.

Please give ample space to other clients coming and going as some dogs will exhibit leash reactivity and/or “stranger danger” with unfamiliar people.

Because of this new system, and provided your dog does NOT need a ride home, you can drop him off to us completely “naked” and without accessories (ie no collar or leash needed).  Dogs that need rides should come with a collar or harness so that they can be clipped in while riding the bus.

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