New Drop-Off & Pick-Up Procedures

Thanks to the hard work of one of our long-standing clients, we now have an additional air-gate at the daycare that will aid in social-distancing and eliminate (or greatly reduce) our need to handle collars and leashes when bringing dogs to and from our yard. Big thank you to “Gunnar’s Dad” for bringing our vision to fruition quickly and efficiently.
For the time being I would ask that clients refrain from entering the building and instead contact Nancy upon your arrival by calling and/or texting one of the following numbers:
1) Nancy’s cell: 978-473-4483
2) The daycare’s landline: 978-969-3988
3) Dingo’s cell: 617-590-3721
Please continue to socially distance from other clients upon your arrival and, as is state mandated, kindly wear a mask for pickup and drop-off.
Thanks and regards,
Nancy, “President & Pack Leader”

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