House-Keeping, August 2020

Dear Clients,


First and foremost, we want to thank you for wearing masks and continuing to adhere to our new policy restricting the number of people we allow into our facility. As a reminder, the best number on which to reach us when dropping off or picking up your dog is: 978-969-3988. If we don’t pick up it’s typically because we are all outside, or staff are momentarily tied up. Please keep trying until you reach someone (or holler over the fence!). Secondary contacts are as follows:


  • Email (checked early and often):
  • Cell: 617-590-3721 (not monitored or checked as often as email)

Because naked is our new normal, unless your dog is taking advantage of our transportation service, we do not need his/her leash, collar, or any other accessories. For those of you who utilize our rides service, please send your dog to daycare with his/her collar or harness only; we will use our own leashes in transit.


Last but not least, we would ask that clients avoid lingering for too long post drop-off or pick-up. While we would love to have you all in for coffee and snacks, the current public health climate would put a damper on that. Furthermore, we have a number of pack-members that exhibit “stranger danger” and location-specific guarding tendencies. Because energy in a pack environment is contagious and palpable, the more we can inhibit the xenophobic among us from exhibiting signs of anxiety, the more copacetic our pack will be. And the less likely we all are to suffer from early-onset hearing loss! If you haven’t heard a cacophony of dogs barking at once, I assure you, it is not as pretty as, say, a bevy of mourning doves.

Wishing you all lots of health and happiness for the remainder of the summer and beyond.
Nancy, President & Pack Leader

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