Revised Payment Policies

Dear Valued Clients and Friends,
In order to further streamline our payment process, we would kindly ask that all clients who do not have passes either leave a credit card on file in Pet Exec or pay daily/weekly (depending on how often your pup attends). For example, for those of you who come two or more times per week,  you may pay on your last day of attendance per week or leave your card information saved and we will charge it at the end of each week.
Please note that due to the pandemic, management is staggering time in the office and there may be times when we are unable to charge your card until the following week. We will always invoice you first.
As a reminder, we are no longer accepting checks for any of our services. Cash discounts still apply to our daycare pass packages (excluding transportation).
If you have any questions or need guidance with our software, please let us know.
Dingo’s Management

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