shiba inu dog in dingos yard

Boarding Charges and Policies

Due to our free roam and home boarding styles, all dogs who board with us must attend daycare at least twice a month (ideally more frequently) so that we can ensure that they can behave in a copacetic manner with our pack.  This also helps ease the transition and quell anxieties for our boarding “charges”.

Boarding rates can be found on our Services page and below:

  • $85/calendar day for home boarding in a staff member’s home
  • $85/calendar day for free-roam boarding at our daycare
  • $85/calendar day for house-sitting for one dog (client’s home)
  • Multi-dog discounts for boarding are available.  Please email us at for pricing.
  • “Half-day” boarding rates will apply for dogs dropped off after 5PM on their first day or picked-up before 12PM of their last day.

*A $100 holiday surcharge is assessed on all major holidays and school breaks (for a list of holidays see here: ).

**We charge $10 extra/day to board puppies under 7 months of age.

To get started boarding at Dingo’s, please complete the boarding forms found on the Contact Us section of our website.


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