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Ten Percent Off “Full Days” and “Full Day Packages” for Front Line Workers Through 2021 1

Dear Friends,
As most of you should be aware by now, we are raising our prices for our full days and transportation services beginning March 1st. Covid-19 has been difficult on many small businesses, ours included, but we also have a number of fixed costs that have risen exponentially in the past year (my guess is many of you have seen similar rises in costs in your own personal lives). With that said, I do want to be empathetic to our long list of loyal clients who have also faced substantial financial and professional difficulties over the past year. As such, I would like to offer a ten percent discount on our FULL DAY DAYCARE SERVICES & PACKAGES to the following sects of people through the end of this year*:
  • Frontline workers
  • First responders
  • Medical professionals
  • Anyone in the food-service or hospitality industry
  • Grocery workers
  • Teachers/Educators
If you are NOT a member of one of the previously aforementioned groups but have faced any sort of extreme hardship that would make it difficult to continue bringing your dog to daycare with us, please email me directly and I will do my best to accommodate you based on your needs and financial means. One of the things we – my staff and I – enjoy so much about this job is the relationships we are able to establish not just with our four-legged clients, but the two-legged ones as well – the ones reading this email. Our goal is to maintain a long-lasting, and equitable relationship with all of you.
My inbox door is always open, so please reach out.
With thanks and appreciation,
Nancy, President & Pack Leader
*Please note that this offer can not be combined with our cash discount offer.
ashley outside dingos bus with dogs

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One thought on “Ten Percent Off “Full Days” and “Full Day Packages” for Front Line Workers Through 2021

  • Sarah Reddy


    I am interested in joining Dingo’s dogsitting in a couple weeks. I have a 7 month old puppy that could use a couple days at doggie daycare. She is very friendly and pplayful. My daughters and I take her on walks or to the dog park every day, but starting Monday april 26th my children will be back in school full time and unable to help out during the day at home with her. I am a full tim nurse practitioner and also am gone all day.

    Is there availablity for her and if so, what is the price for this service? I would like for her to be picked up at home and dropped off, unless there is an option to drop off at your facility. I work in Beverly, so that may be a way to save some money.

    Thank you