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Warm Weather Reminders

The “long, cold winter” is over. Flowers and trees are in bloom. The days are getting longer, the nights shorter. As we stand firmly ensconced in spring yet eagerly awaiting our favorite time of year here at Dingo’s – summer – please keep the following reminders in the forefront of your mind.
The Sun
Our outdoors areas are naturally shaded by the tree line along Tozer Road. We utilize beach umbrellas and tarping for additional sun protection. While most dogs prefer the shade on hot, sunny days, some insist on sun baking, sometimes to their detriment. If you are the owner of a fair-shaded or thin-coated dog who enjoys the sun more than the shade we suggest applying a layer of dog-friendly sunblock before drop- off. We can reapply throughout the day if needed.
The Heat
Amidst the heat of the summer months our daycare pack enjoys the use of our kidding pools, hose, and even our special dog sprinkler. The concrete foundation that hosts our indoor play area remains relatively cool due to its construction and the low levels of natural sunlight that enter. We also have two stand-up air conditioning units and a number of fans. We do not have central air. Heavy-coated and brachycephalic breeds should take advantage of our “Quickie” or Half-Day options on days of extreme heat.
The Bugs
Fleas and ticks can flourish in the warmer summer months. Please insure that your dog is adequately protected against ticks and fleas. Dogs presenting with fleas will not be able to attend.
As always, we appreciated your continued pawsitivity and cooperation with our policies.
Nancy, President & “Pack Leader”

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