Dingo’s Best Practices/Policy Update: “Break Away Collars” 1

We’ve all seen the “Missing Dog” signs posted around town; there are even Facebook groups devoted solely to locating beloved dogs that have gone missing. For the owner of a timid dog, the flight risk is real. In addition to micro-chipping your dog (more info on this to follow in a separate email), the second most proactive step an owner can take to prevent or circumvent a lost dog is to ensure that the dog is wearing a collar and/or tags that make him/her easily identifiable and the owners traceable when the dog is located.

Because of the risk of strangulation during play, typical collars containing identifying tags are removed when dogs are at Dingo’s. In the past it was an either/or conundrum whereby we felt the risk of strangulation was too great to allow dogs to wear collars in our play areas despite the fact that this practice can lead to other issues regarding properly identifying dogs. Well, we now have found what we believe is the best solution to both potential problems: the PetSafe Keep Safe collar! The PetSafe Keep Safe collar is designed to work with any standard leash*, as any standard collar would, but when a leash is absent, and sufficient force is applied, the safety latches on the collar will disengage, freeing your dog from their collar in case of a snag. It is strong enough to rest comfortably on the dog during the course of a normal doggie day, but will “break away” at moments of stress in order to ensure your dog doesn’t injure himself (or others) while tussling with their friend (or even if caught on a bush in the backyard)!

In addition to providing identification and contact information for a lost dog, the Pet Safe Keep Safe collar also allows us to quickly and easily identify the myriad of dogs who look alike in our pack.  If you are the owner of a doodle, a Lab, a Lab mix, or a Creme/Golden Retriever, these collars are a MUST for daycare!

Finally, in the event of an emergency evacuation at our facility (please note this is a worst case scenario situation I’m referencing!) the Pet Safe Keep Safe collar will help us quickly and safety evacuate the dogs and will help emergency responders in identifying them if needed (so please put an ID tag on your dog’s Break Away collar!).

The PetSafe Keep Safe collar is affordable at around $13 and can be purchased online through retailers such as Chewy, and Amazon. We are strongly suggesting all pet parents purchase this collar, tag it, and utilize it on your dog’s daycare days with us. Please notify us if/when you have purchased said item so that we know that your dog’s collar can remain on safely when he is with us.

*Please note that a leash must be affixed to both metal rings; if affixed to only one of the rings, the collar will “break free”, as intended, when your dog pulls on his leash.

**Clients who utilize our rides service should keep their Break Away collar at Dingo’s and use a standard -ideally martingale – collar in transport.

*Photo courtesy of Chewy.com

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