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The Importance of Microchipping Your Dog

According to the AKC Reunite project, one out of every three dogs will go missing in their lifetime. Facing this possibility means preparing for it so that if your dog goes missing, he can be easily identified and returned home. Getting your dog microchipped is the most reliable way to ensure your dog makes it back to your loving home, even if he escapes whilst “naked” (ie no collar or identifying tags present on his body).
A quick, non-invasive, and relatively inexpensive procedure, micro-chipping provides a built-in fail-safe that will help your dog be identified when he is found.
Veterinarians, shelters, and breeders recommend microchipping your dog; in fact, most rescue pups are microchipped before they are put up for adoption. The procedure is so widely recommended overseas that across the UK all dog owners are legally required to microchip their dogs.
If your dog is already microchipped, it is prudent to confirm your contact information is current in the Pet Chip U.S. Registry. You can do this at your local Vet’s office utilizing their microchip reader.
If you haven’t already microchipped your dog, talk to your vet as soon as possible to schedule this minor, painless, and relatively inexpensive procedure. Microchips are wholly safe, and can provide you with peace of mind in the case of an accidental adventure.
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