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Dingo’s Dogwalking Services: Policies and Procedures

As the pandemic pups come of age, and folks head back to work, the need for our dog-walking services is as great as ever. In order to assist our back-end staff with the scheduling of these walks, as well as to mitigate issues for our dog walkers, please be aware of the following dog walking policies:
  • For clients giving us keys: we require two sets. Please check that both sets work prior to your service appointment.
  • Please ensure all dog walking equipment – non-retractable leashes, collars, harnesses, poop bags etc – are out and easily accessible. We suggest an EZ walk harness for dogs that pull and a martingale collar for any slim-necked dogs.
  • If your dog becomes possessive of certain toys or furniture, it is best to remove access to those items to avoid any resource guarding issues for our walkers.
  • Some clients like to leave a notebook or “Dog Log” for our walkers to write in after the visit. If a “Dog Log” is not available, a walker should reach out to you by text or email.
  • In instances of severe inclement weather, walks may need to be cut short.  Please leave a towel out for use if you would like our walkers to towel off your dog(s) on rainy days.
  • We ask for at least 24 hours notice when scheduling a walk. Please note that our office is closed on weekends so if you need a walk on Monday, to guarantee service, we kindly ask that you make a reservation within Pet Exec no later than Friday afternoon.  We will still do our best to accommodate last minute walks.
  • Please allow for up to a two hour window for all walk requests – in other words, if you put in a request for a walk at 12 noon the walker may arrive as early as 11AM or as late as 1PM.
  • At least 24 hours notice is appreciated when cancelling a walk.
  • The cost of a 30 minute walk is $28. A surcharge of $10/walk will apply for walks before 8AM, after 5PM, or on weekends.
  • “Meet & Greets” are required before the onset of services.  The cost of the “Meet & Greet” is $30.
  • For additional pricing information, please refer to the Services page of our website:
Thank you for your cooperation, assistance, and adherence to these policies!

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