Deleting Existing Reservations within Pet Exec

Dear Clients,

We get it: life can be hectic and schedules are fluid. Because of this, you may need to delete a previously scheduled daycare appointment. Luckily for you (and us!), you can do this yourself from within your Pet Exec portal!

How to Delete a Daycare Reservation from Within Pet Exec:

When you log onto your Pet Exec account you will see many options. In the middle column, under “Services” you will see a button labeled “My Calendar”. The calendar will exhibit all of your confirmed reservations within a given month. From here, you will be able to delete existing daycare reservations.

Please note that you are only able to delete daycare after it has been approved internally. If a request is still “pending” you will not be able to delete it.

One final note: you cannot delete reservations for rides or walks; we would kindly ask that you email us if you need to alter a reservation for either of those services.

We hope this helps with any last minute changes! If you have any questions regarding Pet Exec do not hesitate to reach out!

Warm regards,

Julia, “Pack Manager”

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