Principals of Puppyhood Classes Coming Soon!

Is there anything as cute as a puppy? Probably not! But their cuteness is in direct proportion to their destructiveness so new owners be weary! Puppies are a lot of fun, but they do require a lot of work. While pet ownership is purposeful work, it can also be confusing and exhausting. But don’t worry, we can help guide you and your pup through this developmentally rich stage in his/her life in our Principles of Puppyhood class taught by our very own Julia Breau. Julia Breau is our General Manager here at Dingo’s; she is also a recent graduate of Catch Training Academy, one of the country’s premier dog training programs.

In this newly offered, hour-long, four-week course, Julia will lay the foundations new owners need to help their puppies mature into stable and developmentally appropriate adolescents. Topics will include proper housebreaking methods, sound socialization practices, basic commands, and introduction to loose leash walking.

In addition to a collar and/or harness and a standard (non-retractable leash), please also bring some high value treats for your dog in order to facilitate Julia’s rewards based training approach.

Puppies will have a chance to socialize, off-leash, under Julia’s guidance and tutelage at the close of each class.

Classes begin at 10AM on Saturday, November 5th and run through Saturday, December 3rd. Please note that there is no class Thanksgiving weekend (Saturday, November 26th) .

The cost is $35/session and you can reserve your spot directly within Pet Exec or by emailing us at:

Warm regards,

Nancy, President & “Pack Leader”


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