In-House Training Now Available for Booking in Pet Exec

We are pleased to announce that you can now book training sessions with Julia, our in-house trainer, directly from your Pet Exec portal. Training sessions, like transportation and walks, is booked in the “Request Other Services” tile in your portal. Once in this section, utilize the drop down menu under “Select a Service” and click on “Training”. You will then be able to request a training date and time.


Training sessions are ideally scheduled on days that your dog is attending daycare and can be pulled out in the morning (before noon) for a lesson. A behavioral modification plan that considers your dog’s particular stage of development and your areas of concern should be created in conjunction with Julia prior to the commencement of your scheduled sessions.


The cost of each hour-long session is $60.


For additional questions with regards to this service, please reach out to us via email: or by phone: 978-969-6676.

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