Meals Fee Being Implemented 2/1/23

Dear Clients,

As our daycare has grown, naturally, so have our meal service requests; however, the amount of dogs coming to daycare with food has increased disproportionately to our attendance numbers, meaning that we are now feeding more meals than anticipated based on numeric ratios.  This has precipitated a staff increase during our meal service hours.  Additionally, many of the dogs in our care will not eat for us due to “FOMO” (Fear Of Missing Out, which is not relegated to humans alone!); this leaves us with a lot of leftover dog food that is quite enticing to the field mice in the area, and therefore quite profitable for our local pest service vendor.


Please note that beginning February 1st we will be implementing a $3 meal fee for any dog over a year old that needs to be fed while at daycare.  Most dogs over a year of age need only be fed twice per day.   If we are frequently sending your dog’s food home with them, it may behoove you to feed them in the mornings and the evenings only.

You will be able to book this meal service within your Pet Exec profile when you make your daycare reservation.,can%20become%20hyperacidic%20causing%20nausea.

Warm regards,

Nancy, President & Pack Leader 

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