Why does my dog drink so much water when she gets home from daycare?

While the dogs in our care always have access to clean and fresh water, some simply do not like sharing water bowls with other dogs.  If your dog quaffs water as soon as she gets home, it is likely that you are the owner of a highly discerning dog!  And I can’t say that I blame them – I’m not sure I would want to share my water bottle with my entire elementary school class either (and yes, that is me anthromorphizing!)!  Logistically we can not provide every dog with their own water bowl, so we would kindly ask that all owners ensure their dogs have access to clean, fresh water and a clean water bowl upon their arrival home so that any dog that has gone on a “water strike” at daycare can replenish herself at the end of the day.  It would also be prudent to alert us to your dog’s discernment so that we can make efforts to try and persuade her to drink while she is here, either by bringing them inside for a personal water break or by swapping out our water bowls more often on days that she is with us.   At the end of the day, we can lead a dog to water but we can’t force them to drink, so it’s imperative that owners work synergistically with our management team to ensure no dog goes thirsty whilst in our care!


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