Drop Off Policy Reminders

Hi Friends,

A couple friendly reminders with regards to some of our drop-off policies:

  • May we kindly ask that you refrain from leaving your dog in our outdoor play spaces unattended which could become a safety hazard if we do not know he/she is out there? If we are all inside, please call 978-969-3988 and someone will come out to receive you and your dog.


  • Please refrain from unleashing your dog in the air gate area until a staff member has come out to receive you.


  • One owner at a time in the air gate area, please. We do not know how some of our packmembers may respond to unfamiliar faces.


  • Please ensure that you latch our air gate when exiting for the safety of all our four-legged friends.


  • We would kindly ask that all dogs arrive to the daycare by 11:30/12 in order to maintain a uniform level of energy among the group at the daycare. This policy will help us foster a copacetic pack environment – one where energy matches energy, which creates symbiotic interactions throughout the day.


We appreciate you all and your willingness to make our daycare run as safely and smoothly as possible!

Very warm regards,


Nancy, President & “Pack Leader”

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