Capacity Limits

Hi Friends!

We are now officially in our busy season; this means that we will frequently be “at capacity” at the daycare and unable to accept last minute reservations. Because of this, if you need to cancel a confirmed reservation, we would kindly ask that you do so as soon as possible so that we may open the spot up to another client.


Secondly, please wait for an email confirmation from us stating that your dog has been approved for daycare before bringing him/her over.  Even if you do not get a “capacity limit reached” message upon booking, we may still be at capacity but have yet to approve the other dogs waiting in the queue before you.

If you attempt to make a reservation and you get a notification that we are at capacity, feel free to email us so that we can manually put you on a waiting list.  We will then contact you if space opens up.

To avoid receiving a “capacity limit reached” message, you may want to consider enrolling your dog in a regular recurring schedule which would ensure we always have room for him/her.  We would just ask for at least 24 hour’s notice of cancelation if you do this so that we may open the spot up to another client.

Thank you, as always, for your active participation in our policies as well as your kind patronage!

Warm regards,

Nancy, President & “Pack Leader”

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