The Curve Has Officially Flattened!

Dear Clients,

Amid the reports late last year of a potentially new canine virus (which has mostly been debunked), as well as an uptick in Canine Infectious Respiratory Disease in our area, I know that many of you have been exercising caution and refraining from socializing your dogs to the extent that you may have in the past.  Well I’m happy to report that, due to a combination of increased vaccination protocols, a newly installed Jade  Air Dental Air Purifying Unit, and herd immunity, we have not had a new reported case of CIRD in many weeks!
If it’s been more than three months since we have seen you and your dog, please accept 25%  off the cost of a day of daycare at his/her next visit.  Just enter code happytobeback in your daycare reservation and we will apply the discount at check out.

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