Daycare 2.0

Daycare 2.0 in the dog daycare world is hailed as the epitome of dog care, coupling a relatively small number of dogs with trained and competent staff able to enhance the dog’s experience with more individualized attention and enrichment activities including the use of toys that would create a safety liability in a larger pack environment.

Daycare 2.0 is also an excellent opportunity for socially anxious dogs to interact with their conspecifics in a smaller group environment and for our floor staff to support the dogs enrolled in training with our on-site trainer in a more controlled setting.

Our daycare 2.0 is being launched on select weekends with further weekday availability to come.

You can book a spot in any of our available Daycare 2.0 weekend play groups directly from your Pet Exec portal (look for “Daycare 2.0” in your daycare drop-down menu).  Just make sure you select a drop off time after 9 AM and before 12 PM.   If you get an occupancy limit reached error when attempting to book, please email us and we will put you on a waiting list.


Nancy, President & “Pack Leader”

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