Enrichment Activities

In addition to social interaction with their conspecifics, dogs have an innate need for human attention and mental stimulation in the form of what we like to call “enrichment activities”.   Enrichment activities can:

  • Reduce anxiety and stress by focusing on skill acquisition
  • Challenge their cognitive abilities (thinking, learning and remembering)
  • Encourage dogs to use all their senses especially their impressive ones
  • Decrease unwanted behaviors, like excessive barking
  • Strengthen the bond between handler and dog
  • Simply be fun!

We want the best for your pups while they’re in our care, so outside of social interaction with their friends, we have a number of available enrichment activities that you can book as a daycare add on.  These include:

  • foraging puzzles
  • lick mats/kongs
  • dog walking
  • arts and crafts (or what we like to call Paws & Crafts) activities
  • 1-on-1 toy time/fetch
  • professional dog training with one of our certified trainers

All of our enrichment activities can be booked from within your Pet Exec portal!

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