Play is the Work of Puppyhood

“Young mammals want and need to play; they will come out socially, emotionally and cognitively impaired when deprived of it.  They use the skills they need to be successful as adults through repetitive activities, with feedback in a low stakes environment” -excerpt taken from Jonathan Haidt’s “The Anxious Generation”


Are you giving your puppy enough opportunities to play with his/her conspecifics and learn from older adults?  If not, you may need to outsource some of  your pup’s play requirements to a quality dog daycare center, one with trained and competent staff and a pack of vetted dogs.  Hey, that sounds a lot like @dingosdogsititng 🙂

To get your puppy started, please complete the enrollment forms found in the Contact Us section of our website.  We will then be in touch with an on-boarding/welcome email.

Play more.  Bark less.



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