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Did you know that dogs thrive with routine, not dissimilar to human children.  They also form very strong bonds with their owners, not unlike the bonds small children form with parents.  Because of this, is it any wonder that a dog’s anxiety can increase, and its demeanor can change, while boarding away from home?  


While we make every attempt to ensure that the dogs who board with us remain comfortable – giving them ample time for both play and rest and never leaving them alone for any extended periods (such as overnight) – many of them will still begin to show signs of anxiety the longer a board extends.  This is because anxiety builds up overtime and without an adequate release (ie a return to their “home base”) some dogs will become reactive and/or aggressive, acting in ways not typical of them when they’re not boarding.  This is especially pronounced in dogs who suffer from day to day separation anxiety even when their owners are not traveling.


There are some things you can do to ease the boarding transition for your dog.  One is to send them to daycare more frequently so they feel comfortable and familiar with the facility and staff.  For dogs who suffer from separation anxiety, leaving your dog home alone for increasing periods of time will help them when boarding because it teaches them that you do come back!  Because we are a free-roam and in-home boarding facility, dogs who suffer from extreme separation anxiety or acute generalized anxiety will probably do best boarding with a veterinarian who can monitor the dog for signs of overwhelm, and treat with medication if the symptoms (excessive panting, pacing, whining/crying, incontinence, signs of aggression) become severe.


Because maintaining successful boarding experiences for dogs can be a tenuous task, we require all dogs who board with us to attend daycare at least twice a month.  Traveling, while fun, can also be stressful.   But we’re here to help you take one more item off your travel to do list!  To get started boarding at our facility, the first step would be to complete an enrollment application.  From there, we will work with you to develop a daycare schedule in order to ensure that our facility is a good fit for your dog when you travel.


Travel more.  Stress less.

Wag more.  Bark less.


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