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At Dingo’s Dogsitting, we structure our dog boarding a little differently and, in our opinion, a lot better than most traditional boarding facilities.  Instead of spending the night in a kennel or a dog run, our boarding clients get to enjoy all the comforts of home in an actual home […]

Home Boarding with Dingo’s Dogsitting

Pet Exec is a web-based, third-party, doggy daycare management platform that we use to run our business.  Upon completion of our Registration and Release Forms and receipt of your vet records, new clients will be assigned a Pet Exec username and a randomly chosen password.  As a new client, when […]

Pet Exec Is Our Friend (and Yours Too!)

Photo of the two halves of Dingo's outdoor play area.
While ForeverLawn’s patented K9Grass has been installed on one half of our outdoor play area, the other half is covered with a thin layer of pea pebbles. Unfortunately, some dogs, especially puppies who are new to daycare, may experience some sensitivity on their paw pads after playing on the pebbles.  […]

Our Pea Pebbles and Your Dog: What You Need to ...

A question we’re often asked, especially by owners of smaller dogs, is ‘do you separate dogs based on size?’.  The short answer is: yes.  We separate dogs based on a number of factors, size being one of them.  We also separate by temperament, age, play-style, and “proclivity”; by “proclivity” I […]

Play Areas and How We Separate Dogs in Our Pack

Fred getting ready for his ride home! 1
We get it. You’re busy. It seems what we are all lacking in today’s hustle-bustle world is time. But don’t worry, we can help take one thing off your to do list. If you’re a dog owner pressed for time, you should know that we couldn’t make enrolling your dog […]

Our Transportation Services: What You Need to Know

requirements for dog care
To be eligible for enrollment at Dingo’s Dogsitting Doggy Daycare we will need the following from you: A Vaccination Report and Vet Records. Your Vet can fax these to us at: 857-588-7706. Please insure your dog is up to date on his/her Bordetella (kennel cough) vaccination. The canine influenza virus […]

Updated Daycare Enrollment Requirements

how to enroll your dog in day care
Most owners typically have a lot of questions regarding the enrollment process and what to expect on their dog’s first day of doggy daycare. For an overview on everything you will need to know ahead of time, please read below! Before your dog can attend Dingo’s Dogsitting Doggy Daycare, we […]

Enrollment Information and What to Expect on Your Dog’s First ...