Merriam Webster’s Dictionary defines a “honeymoon period” as a period of unusual harmony, especially following the establishment of a new relationship.  We’ve all experienced this phenomenon at some point in our lives, whether with a romantic partner, at the onset of a new job, or at the start of a […]

The “Honeymoon” Period

“Young mammals want and need to play; they will come out socially, emotionally and cognitively impaired when deprived of it.  They use the skills they need to be successful as adults through repetitive activities, with feedback in a low stakes environment” -excerpt taken from Jonathan Haidt’s “The Anxious Generation”   Are you giving your puppy enough […]

Play is the Work of Puppyhood

Daycare 2.0 in the dog daycare world is hailed as the epitome of dog care, coupling a relatively small number of dogs with trained and competent staff able to enhance the dog’s experience with more individualized attention and enrichment activities including the use of toys that would create a safety […]

Daycare 2.0

There are many times throughout the day when dogs need to be moved – or “transitioned” – from inside to outside or vice versa.  While we strive to maintain a fairly consistent schedule in order to facilitate clear expectations between pack and handlers, dogs are not people (as much as […]

“Transition Times” by Mary Penta, Shift Manager at Dingo’s Dogsitting

Dogs go through many of the same life stages as humans, though their stages are stunted, chronologically speaking, compared to ours, due to their relatively short life expectancy as relative to our own.  Scientists and behaviorists break down a dog’s life cycle based on both physiological and psychological markers, and […]

Ages and Stages in the Life of a Dog