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Dingo’s Dogsitting was proud to host David Feldman of Skillful Hands Therepeutic Dog Massage to our facility on Saturday June 9th. David is a certified dog massage therapist. He offers direct therapeutic massage for your dog as well as individual or group instruction for you to learn how to massage […]

Canine Massage Basics with David Feldman of Skillful Hands Therepeutic ...

Predatory drift among dogs occurs when the energy level of play becomes overly heightened and morphs or “drifts” into something more aggressive or predatory.  Typically, there are two factors that lead dogs to be aggressive: anxiety or arousal.  Predatory drift hinges on the latter. Usually this sort of maladaptive behavior […]

Predatory Drift: How Un-tempered Arousal Can Lead to Aggression

how to prevent kennel cough
Kennel Cough or Bordetella, can present in dogs anytime they are together.  It can show up at the vet’s office, pet stores, kennels, neighborhood walks, apartment buildings, condos, groomers, the park, and at dog daycare. Kennel Cough is an upper respiratory illness, similar to the common cold in humans. And […]

Kennel Cough Q&A