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Merriam Webster’s Dictionary defines a “honeymoon period” as a period of unusual harmony, especially following the establishment of a new relationship.  We’ve all experienced this phenomenon at some point in our lives, whether with a romantic partner, at the onset of a new job, or at the start of a […]

The “Honeymoon” Period

It goes without saying that a dog displaying aggressive tendencies is likely to be excused from daycare, after all, our first and most important role as purveyors of dog care is to keep our charges – the dogs – safe; however, aggression is not the only cause for expulsion.  While […]

Wag More. Bark Less.

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It should be noted that not all dogs do well in a daycare setting. Some are aggressive, some have impulse control issues, and others are too anxious to be comfortable in an enclosed area with a large pack of dogs. None of these problems mean your dog is a bad […]

What to Do if Your Dog Gets Excused from Daycare: ...